iChemistry updates and announcements 2023-11-04

iChemistry updates and announcements

On Saturday the 4th of November 2023, we will update iChemistry with minor feature and stability improvements, alongside the following more significant changes explained here below.

New permission groups

Navigate to Settings > Permissions > Groups

From November 4th, it will become easier to manage your users and their permissions through our new/updated standard groups:

  1. System admin (Old name: Administrator)
  2. Global admin
  3. Site admin
  4. Read-only user (Old name: User)

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REACH Training requirements for diisocyanates

Navigate to Overview > Restriction and prohibition lists

For the restriction list REACH Training requirements for diisocyanates, we make the following adjustment: the matching criteria (CAS/EC number) will only generate a match if the sum of concentration of matched CAS/EC is 0,1% or more.

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User list

Navigate to Settings > Permissions > Users

We are excited to present a new layout of the user list in iChemistry! Three major changes will come after the 4th of November:

  1. Column search / Filter.                                                                                                                                             You will be able to use search criteria in all columns to filter out certain users/properties, which can be very useful if you have a system with many users.
  2. Last login column.
    With the new column “Last login” you will see which users are actively using iChemistry.
  3. Permissions and organization belonging.
    We add three columns which show where every user have reading right, writing rights and organizational belonging.
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Labels – resize pictogram

Navigate to iSafe > Labels

Our new label module is celebrating its one-year anniversary, and we have listened to your feedback and made another adjustment. The size of the pictograms is no longer fixed, but automatically adjusts its size, depending on how many pictograms you want to include in your label.

Some of you have the old label module, but with this change, we will be updating all systems with the new module (unless we have explicitly agreed otherwise with you).

Product application (flex)

Navigate to Tools > Application

We introduce a new tab in the review mode of product applications: In progress. This way, you will be able to see which application reviews are started, but no final decision has been made. This is useful if you have multi-step-approval or if you just need to save your review work and continue at another time.

New UI for buttons in Inventory and WPI

Navigate to Tools > Inventory and Tools > WPI

Starting from November 4th, you will notice a fresh visual layout and reordering of our secondary menu options. Here are a couple of examples: 

In the inventory, we are changing the name for "Delete" to "Remove"," and we are adding an "Edit" button, which will only be visible to those with the function to lock the inventory for a specific year.

In WPI, a few buttons will be rearranged, and the "Publish" button will become more prominent.

Knowledge base in Danish

We now offer our knowledge base in Danish as well! Click on the link to take a look: Knowledge base

New restriction list: Occupational Exposure Limit Poland

Navigate to Overview > Restriction and prohibition lists (in Polish systems)

As a standard feature for all Polish systems, we are adding a new restriction list that shows the Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL) specific to Poland. This restriction list will be visible in the Overview, and trigger an additional warning in the risk assessment when you create risk assessments for products listed in the OEL.

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