iChemistry updates and announcements 2023-03-25

iChemistry updates and announcements

On Saturday the 25th of March 2023, we will update iChemistry with minor feature and stability improvements, alongside the following more significant changes explained here below.

Traffic light: Report


Good news! For those of you who are using “Traffic lights with Intersolia criteria”, will get a report created for you (See Reports > Customized), showing you a summary of how many products are yellow and red. All to make it easier for you to keep track on the number of hazardous products in the different departments!

If you do not have Traffic light and are curious about this functionality, please contact your Customer Success Manager or support@intersolia.com

Barcode on labels


Now it will be possible to add barcodes when creating product labels. Just add the barcode, print the label, and then scan it with the iChemistry app to get quick access to product information on your site.

Avery label format


We have now added Averys label formats in the label module, to make it easier for you to create product labels based on their standards label sizes.

iChemistry mobile app - Netherlands


Now your colleagues in Netherland will be able to download iChemistry app from App store or from Google play.

Group permission


We have updated the descriptions for the different group permissions, to make it easier for you when creating a new permission group. You will find a new button above the list that gives you a description of each permission.

Restriction- and prohibition lists


We have several news regarding restrictions- and prohibition lists!

1. REACH Annex XVII Restriction list (Only for professional use)

All countries within the EU will get a new list in the Overview!
The list consists of substances restricted according to REACH, where we only include substances restricted for professional use. We have removed substances, which are only limited for consumer use and thus not relevant for professional use. 

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2. Additional criteria for REACH Annex XVII Restriction list 

We are improving the REACH Annex XVII restriction list, in that our EHS consultants have added additional criteria for group members of substance groups.

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3. New Occupational Exposure limit lists (Belgium and Italy)

We added two new lists of occupational exposure limit (OEL) values adapted for Italy and Belgium, and they are now available for the Italian and Belgian market. They will be shown in the Overview and generate an extra warning in the risk assessment if you are creating risk assessments for products on the OEL list.

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