iChemistry Updates and announcements 2022-05-07

On Saturday the 7th of May 2022, we will update iChemistry with minor feature and stability improvements, alongside the following more significant changes explained here below.

New restriction list: Endocrine disruptors

"If I had been an employer, I would have wanted to know if my colleagues were exposed to endocrine disruptors," said one of our consulting colleagues a few weeks ago.

This is probably what many people think, and therefore Intersolia wants to help you identify which of your chemical products contain endocrine disruptors (ED). The list is included for all countries within the EU and is based on substances that ECHA has identified as endocrine disruptors.


We can happily say that we now have a Help Center in iChemistry! You can watch instructional videos and read articles about the various features of iChemistry. Look for the blue "Help?" button and you have easy access to guidance in the point of need.

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Tooltips in the risk assessment


Let’s face it – risk assessment can be tricky sometimes… Therefore, we are excited to say that we can now guide you through it with tooltips along the way! Our consultants have identified parts of the risk assessment where users sometimes get stuck, and those parts now have a question mark and a short guidance how to think on that step. Look out for the little question marks in the risk assessment after the release 7th of May!

Traffic lights Health


With the Traffic Lights function, everyone in your organization can be made aware of which chemical products you should keep an extra eye on, by clearly marking them with different colors: red, yellow or green.

The Traffic lights function have been an optional function for a long time, but now we are launching an automated version called Traffic lights Health where your products are assigned a color based on their hazardous properties and can quickly give all users an indication of the product's danger.

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UK REACH Candidate list


We are expanding the range of restriction lists for organizations operating in the UK with another standard list: the UK REACH Candidate list.

iSafe/Product info – country codes instead of flags


The flags for documents in iSafe/Product info are replaced with language codes e.g. "EN" for English. The system will show the language of the document and the market for which the document was developed.

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Documents for departments


To draw more attention to the documents you add and connect to departments, you will now have an extra field with documents (if there are any) in the view when clicking on the Departments button.

 Note that this change is for those who have the extended document module, please contact your account manager or Customer service if you have any questions about this.

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REACH Candidate of SVHC 


From 7th of May, the REACH Candidate list of SVHC will be based directly on the criteria in ECHA's webpage for the Candidate list. Previously, our consultants needed to complete the list of CAS and EC numbers for "group members" of a subject group. The need of identifying these substances one by one has decreased, since the list of candidates on ECHA's website has been changed so that it now contains these group members directly. The list is collected from https://echa.europa.eu/en/candidate-list-table

Symbol for environmental hazard in risk assessment


We have added the GHS09 symbol in handling instructions in the risk assessment.



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