iChemistry updates and announcements 2022-02-26

On Saturday the 26th of February 2022, we will update iChemistry with minor feature and stability improvements, alongside the following more significant changes explained here below.

iSafe/Product info: SDS status


As you may already know, we help you keep the safety data sheets for your products up to date. To see the status of the update, you can always go to "Status SDS update" in the Overview.


To make it even more clear what the SDS status is, the status will now also be visible in iSafe, so that you become aware if there is something that potentially stops the process for the update, such as the supplier not responding or that you need to provide additional information to us.


Risk assessment – Handling instructions


You can transfer information from the safety data sheet directly into the risk assessment's Handling instructions. Instead of always transferring all available information, you will now have the choice to select single sections, from which you want the information to be transferred.

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Language selection


There is an improved design to changing the system language or document language in iChemistry. Click the button in the top right corner and select the language directly in the drop-down list.


iSafe/Product info: Restriction lists


Some restriction lists in iChemistry match against substances in your chemical products, and some restriction lists match against hazard statements. An example is that products classified as H350 will end up on the CMR list in iChemistry. It will now be clearly shown in iSafe which hazard statement generates the match against the restriction list, not only which restriction list the product is on.


Search for synonyms in the inventory


For those of you who use synonyms in iChemistry, you will now be able to search for the synonym when you add products to the inventory. It will thus be easier to find the right product when managing the inventory in different departments.

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