iChemistry updates and announcements 2023-07-15



iChemistry updates and announcements

On Saturday the 15th of July 2023, we will update iChemistry with minor feature and stability improvements, alongside the following more significant changes explained here below.

Improvement in risk assessment

Navigate to Tools > Risk assessment

We listened to your feedback to make the risk assessment easier to handle, which has resulted in a simpler and more streamlined module. You will see a new subheading “Show additional options” in several steps, where we place functions that are not always necessary. One example is “Process category” that is only necessary for products that requires exposure scenario, and this is located under “Show additional options” to not confuse anyone who doesn’t need to consider this. 

In the step called Risk evaluation, we have changed the order of the fields. The calculated risk is now shown at the bottom of the page. 

In the last page before finishing the risk assessment, it will be clearer which functions are mandatory to finish before being able to click “Done”, and which functions are optional, as they are clustered below in an “Optional tasks” field.

Have a look after the 15th of July and we will be there with tooltips and guides to guide you through it directly in the risk assessment. Existing risk assessments will of course not be changed or affected.  

Open Access

Navigate to Settings > Open Access (optional functionality, contact your account manager if you are interested in Open Access)

Open Access lets you and your colleagues access the most important information about your products in a specific department, by scanning a QR code, simple and easy. This will help you meet the requirement to make information about the hazards of chemical products available to workers. 

For those of you who already have Open Access, we have now changed the following:

You will be able to see the date when QR code is printed, on the printed sheet. The column for Department changes name to Location and if you hover over it, you can see the whole department path. Also, one new column “Created by” is added to show which user created the Open access for that department.

Label module

Navigate to iSafe > Labels

In our new label module, users will now be able to adjust font size for the text in the label manually. You can adjust the percentage of font size with larger or smaller text, depending on how much information you need to include in the label. 

Updates in iChemistry smartphone application 

A new version is coming for our iChemistry smartphone application, which is not directly connected to the release for the web application of iChemistry the 15th of July, but we would like to take the opportunity to inform you about the new version that is coming during this summer. 

This new version comes packed with exciting features, enhanced performance, and a more intuitive user experience. 

  • The QR Scanner now supports Open Access functionality from the web app, allowing users to seamlessly access content and resources.
  • Feedback submission, bug reporting and support tickets directly in the app.
  • Version update alerts in the app, to stay updated with the latest improvements and features.
  • Redesign of the overall experience, providing a refreshed and intuitive user experience.
  • Bottom and top bars have been redesigned for improved navigation and ease of use.

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