iChemistry updates and announcements 2023-09-09


iChemistry updates and announcements

On Saturday the 9th of September 2023, we will update iChemistry with minor feature and stability improvements, alongside the following more significant changes explained here below.

Main menu improvement


After September 9th, when you open iChemistry, you'll be greeted by our redesigned main menu. The functionality remains the same, but the interface is in line with our vision of a more modern and inviting iChemistry.


Open Access improvements

Navigate to Settings > Open Access (optional functionality, contact your account manager if you are interested in Open Access)


Open Access lets you access the most important information about your products directly by scanning a QR code. In the upcoming release you will notice the following improvements:

  • We support all languages as we do in the iChemistry web application.
  • You can add a description on the printed pdf with the QR code.
  • User comes to a landing page first time they use Open Access, which gives them the basic information on how to use the functionality.
  • Your company’s name will be visible in the smartphone functionality.

New group permission available: Own products

Navigate to Settings > Permissions > Groups > Click on a user group


We introduce the possibility to steer permissions for creating, editing and deleting so called own products (add-on functionality). The new permission setting is called “Own products – Manage”.

Visit our new Knowledge base!

Navigate to: Knowledge base 


We are now launching a new Knowledge base alongside a thorough tidy-up of our written instruction articles for iChemistry. Both the interface and categorization have been updated, and here you will find all the information you need about the functionalities of iChemistry. You can reach all the information easily via our Helpcenter (Help button in the bottom left corner). Please let us know if you have any feedback for us!


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