Restriction lists for the Norwegian market

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Norwegian customers get offered a country package of Norwegian restriction lists as a standard, to facilitate being compliant with national legislation. All lists are shown in the Overview in iChemistry. The lists offered are described below. 

If you have products on any of the list of restricted substances, you'll need to determine if you should substitute the product or in any way adapt your risk assessment. As a first step, you can check the concentration level of the substance that is causing the match. This way you'll get an understanding if the hazardous substance constitutes a significant or minor part of your chemical product. 

To identify the substance, you can visit the product's iSafe and find the substance under Restriction- and prohibition lists, under Reason. Then check the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Section 3 or click on 'Show composition' at the bottom of iSafe to see the concentration of that substance in the chemical product.

If you are unsure about how to proceed, we recommend that you contact either your account manager or our EHS experts by emailing, and they will guide you further. You are also more than welcome to contact our support team at

Grenseverdier for forurensninger i arbeidsatmosfæren

”Grenseverdier for forurensninger i arbeidsatmosfæren” is a list of Occupational exposure limits (OEL) with maximum values for average concentrations of a chemical substance in a worker's breathing zone during a defined reference period. The list is obtained from and is updated according to "Forskrift om tiltaksverdier og grenseverdier for fysiske og kjemiske faktorer i arbeidsmiljøet samt smitterisikogrupper for biologiske faktorer (Forskrift om tiltaks-og grenseverdier), FOR-2011-12-06-1358”. The restriction list matches against CAS numbers for substances in your products that are added to the iChemistry inventory.

The list is not only visible in the Overview; if you create a risk assessment for a product on the list, you will notice that an extra warning is triggered in the last step of the risk assessment, making sure you confirm that the OEL will not be exceeded.


Produktforeskriften is a collective regulation that applies several regulations that mainly concern restrictions of substances. The list in iChemistry shows you which products contain substances on Produktforskriften. 


Den norske prioritetslista

Environmental pollutants and other substances posing a serious threat to health and the environment are listed on the Norwegian Priority List. It is not a regulation or a list of prohibitions in itself, but serves as an important tool for determining which substances one should focus on reducing their use and emissions.


Biocidaktive stoffer under vurdering

The list displays biocide-active substances that are under evaluation for the product types specified for each of the substances. Some biocide-active substances may be approved for use in certain product types while under evaluation for others.


Biocidaktive stoffer godkjent i enkelte produkttyper

Includes substances that have been fully evaluated and approved for the specified product types. Some active substances in biocides may be approved for use in certain product types and under evaluation in other product types.


Normverdier for forureina grunn

List of products with substances that have norm values for contaminated soil. Concentrations below the norm value do not pose a risk to health or the environment, while concentrations above the norm value may pose a health or environmental hazard.


Varsling ved eksport av visse farlige kjemikalier

Includes substances that are affected by the regulations on exports and imports of certain hazardous chemicals.


Most of these lists are available here: 

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