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Transfer information from SDS

In the risk assessment / risk evaluation, you can paste information that comes from the safety data sheet with a simple button click. With this information you can adjust your risk assessment and activity according to information from SDS. The information that is automatically filled in the fields depends on which sections have been selected for their update service.

Choose which sections to transfer information from:

Local instructions to end users 

In order for each field to be filled in automatically by clicking on the button "Transfer information from SDS", you need to subscribe to the following sections:

Hazard identification = Section 2

Handling = Section 7

Personal protection = section 8

Decontamination and waste = Section 13

First aid = Section 4

Fire= Section 5

Precautionary measures is a free text field


  • Customer Service must turn on setting to make button visible under Handling instructions.
  • Customer have the version for Risk assessment v3. 
  • To ensure that the fields are populated with information for the fields "Personal protection", "Decontamination and waste", "First aid" and "Fire" customer must have section 4,5,7,8 and 13 included in their SDS update. (Fields can be populated if other customers have same SDS and have the sections in their SDS update)
  • Customer must have 4,5,8 and 13 included in their safety sheet template (This can be set by Customer Service)

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