Risk assessment: Activity performed more than two months per year

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Applies to: iChemistry

Where to find: Menu > Tools > Riskassessment > Handling and exposure

Q: When do I need to check the box "Activity performed more than two months per year" that is located under handling and exposure section in the risk assessment?

A: This checkbox can be used if you have legislation (some countries have) that says that if the activity with a certain chemical is used more than 2 months in total (1440 hours), you need to make special measurements of the exposure levels. It only applies for some hazardous substance groups, not all chemicals.

This checkbox is connected to "Periodic measurements of certain chemical substances", which means that if you use a chemical for more than a total of 2 months per year, which is covered by these requirements, especially if there is a risk of exposure through inhalation, you need to make special measurements and document these.

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