Risk assessment: Warnings


Within the risk assessment you get access to work with warnings. 

The warnings react on the information from the SDS and/or the information you have given in the risk assessment.

To notice these guidelines are to be used within the risk assessment. 

·        This product contains at least one substance that is forbidden to use    

·        Restrictions on storage    


Accidents have occurred    

- Continuous measurement of explosimeter require

- Continuous measurement of concentrations in air may be required

-The work shall be supervised and lift the person out of the room to be prepare

- Requirements for certification under the Work Environment Authority AFS 2017:3

- This product has been restricted due to exposure limits

- German legislation: Read Section 9 of the SDS regarding chemical and physical properties



Under the section " Handling and exposure" the topic for " Incidents and/or accidents have occurred" has been marked. 

The Warnings "accidents has occurred" should be confirmed that you have taken action. 


Write some information regarding what actions are to be taken and then confirm. 

Therefore, the information that the user has confirmed the warning will be implemented. 


In order to rewrite the warning, you can change the text, but the confirmation of the warning will remain. 



In order to remove the conformation, go to the summary for the risk assessment (the last step before sign) under “Warnings”. By click on the cross, the confirmation will be removed. 



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