Risk assessment: Warnings

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Warnings can appear in the last step of the risk assessment, which you will need to consider and confirm before being able to finish the risk assessment.

These warnings are based on the information from the SDS and/or the information you have given in the risk assessment. Possible warnings that can appear:

  • The product can be flammable or cause explosions
  • Continuous measurement of concentration limits may be required
  • Continuous measurement of airborne concentration may be required
  • The product contains at least one substance that is forbidden to use
  • The product is carcinogenic, germ cell mutagenic and/or toxic to reproduction
  • The product contains substances for which occupational exposure limits apply
  • There have been incidents or accidents in the past
  • There are storage restrictions
  • Occupational health care may be required
  • A work permit or list of employees may be required
  • There are specific waste regulations
  • German legislation: read section 9 of the SDS regarding the chemical and physical properties


In the section Handling and exposure, Incidents and/or accidents have occurred is ticked. Warnings is now flagged because you need to confirm that actions have or will been taken to prevent this from happening in the future. The name of the user that confirms the warning will be visible under "Confirmed by".

The text in this warning can be edited at any time, but the warning will always stay confirmed unless you remove it manually. You can do so by going to the summary in the risk assessment (last step before you sign) and by setting a tick under Warnings.

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