One risk assessment for several products

If you have products that are used in the same process/activity, or if products have close to identical risks connected to it, you have the option to make a group risk assessment, i.e. put several products in the same risk assessment. 

Choose which products you want to include by choosing them in the dropdown menu next to products. If the product is inventoried in the current department, you will see the product in the dropdown menu. If the product is not inventoried, choose Other products at the bottom and search for the product you want to include.

Main product

If the risk assessment / activity includes more than one product you must decide which product you want the risk assessment mainly to be based on. (A tip is to use the product with the most hazardous information)

You choose the main product under the section for "Handling instructions" and you can choose your product in the drop down menu.

  • Base the safety sheet on the following products SDS: 

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