Additional sources of risk

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What is an "additional source of risk"?

You can create risk assessments for your inventoried products and/or for additional sources of risk. An additional source of a chemical risk can be exhaust fumes, dust, welding bends, hot liquids, oil spills, reaction products, etc.

There are thus risks associated with the handling of chemicals, not only with the product itself. If you identify additional sources of risk in your handling of the chemical products, you should create risk assessments of these as well.

Add additional source of risk in the risk assessment

When you are in the risk assessment module, click New.

Either create a risk assessment solely for the additional source of risk, or place it in the same risk assessment as an inventoried product.

Name the source of risk, e.g. Welding smoke in weld shop.

Then proceed with the risk assessment as usual.

Additional sources of risk can be assessed with probability and consequences under the sections for Health, Environment and Safety. To get top this step, the check box A detailed risk assessment is deemed necessary must be ticked in.

You will be able to search for your additional source of risk in the general search field.

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