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In the risk assessment module you will find started and signed risk assessments as well as a list of which products do not have a risk assessment, in the chosen department. Remember to place yourself in the right department in the organizational tree before starting work on risk assessment of products.

Here is an explanation of the different symbols:

Red flag: Products lack a risk assessment. Risk assessment needs to be done.

Yellow flag: Risk assessment in progress

Yellow checkmark: Finished risk assessment that needs to be signed.

Green checkmark: Completed and signed risk assessment.


In the risk assessment module in iChemistry, you will find a recommended priority value for each product that does not yet have a risk assessment, from the highest priority (1) to the lowest priority (5).

The number is mainly based on hazard statements in the safety data sheet and can be used as a guideline for which products to start with.

Start a new risk assessment

To start a new risk assessment, click on one of the products in the list, or start an empty risk assessment by clicking New at the top left. There you can then select one or more products and begin the various steps of the risk assessment.

If you feel you need help getting started with the risk assessment work, our consultants will be happy to help.

Contact them directly at

You can also contact your account manager, or contact Customer Service, and we will help you further:

+46 35 16 20 20

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