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If you have completed a risk assessment, and you are about to conduct a very similar risk assessment for another product, you do not need to start an entirely new risk assessment; you can instead duplicate the previous one for the new product. Please note that all data is copied from the previous risk assessment, which means it is based on the SDS of the first product, so you still need to review the information in all the steps.

How do I copy a risk assessment?

Imagine a scenario where you have done a risk assessment for a specific paint, and then you buy a similar paint in another color with similar properties, and you want to use most of the data from the already signed risk assessment.

To copy the previously signed risk assessment, start by clicking on the new product in the list of "Products without risk assessment". 

You will then come to the first page of the risk assessment. Click on Copy:

Search for the previously signed risk assessment, by writing the name of the activity (1). Click on the magnifying glass (2). Click on the right activity in the list (3) and then click on Proceed (4). 

The risk assessment will now be prefilled with all the data that was added to the previosuly signed risk assessment. Click through all the steps of the risk assessment by clicking Next and make the necessary adaptations for the new product along the way.

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