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What is a "General" risk assessment?

If you have a product that is used in several sub-departments, that is used in the same way and thus can use the same risk assessment, you can create a general risk assessment at a high level in the department tree. It will then "trickle down" to the products in the sub-departments.

The product that should have a general risk assessment needs to be inventoried in both the highest level, where risk assessments are created, as well as all sub-departments where it is to be seen.


Part of your department tree looks like this:

You have a product X that is used in the same way in departments Göteborg and Halmstad.

Then you should also inventory Product X in the higher department Sweden, and create the risk assessment there. Then the risk assessment trickles down to the sub-departments where the product is inventoried, so that the risk assessment becomes valid for departments Göteborg and Halmstad(found under General risk assessments)

Note that the risk assessment needs to be signed in order for it to be seen as a general risk assessment in the sub-departments.

Make the risk assessment department-specific / local

Let's say that the conditions change so that you want to adapt the risk assessment in one of the sub-departments. Then you can easily make it department-specific / local. A department-specific risk assessment will always trump the general one, so the general one is no longer visible in that sub-department.

To turn the general risk assessment into a department specific one, go to the department where you want to create the department specific. Click Make local.

When you sign the department specific risk assessment, the general one disappears from the current sub-department, and the department-specific one starts to apply there instead.

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