One-off measures in the risk assessment

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What is a one-off measure in the risk assessment?

When you work on your risk assessment, you may identify certain tasks related to safety that need to be performed. This could involve for example someone purchasing protective equipment such as gloves, checking filters/ventilation/eye showers or other measures. In those situations, you can create these tasks directly in the risk assessment, and an e-mail will be sent to the person you choose as responsible for the task.

Create a one-off measure in the risk assessment

You can create one-off measures at the end of the risk assessment, in these places:

- Last page where you see all you mandatory and optional tasks

- Health

- Safety

- Environment

When you have filled in the details and clicked on 'Save and close' or 'Done,' an email is sent to the person designated as responsible. The email contains a link that directs you to a page where the person responsible can, after completing the task, mark a checkbox for "Completed" and then save it.

In the Overview, you see Active and Completed one-off measures:

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