*Exclude department from risk assessment

Settings > Department info

Exclude department from Risk assessment

Enable exclusion of a department from Risk assessment means that it is not possible to risk assess inventoried product on that specific department in iChemistry.

It will show through the Overview and also in the risk assessment module. There are a several reasons why someone would wish to exclude a department and as a user you have this possibility.

Department information

Menu > Master data > Department information

1. Choose a department i the organization tree. Observe that if you choose a department with several sub-departments these will also be excluded. Therefore, enter each sub-department to unmark them.

2. Mark the box "Exclude this department from Risk assessments" in order to exclude each department and sub-departments.

Click on Save for the change to be saved

Risk assessment

If the department has been excluded from risk assessments, the red flags in the risk assessment module will become grey and an information text saying that "Department is excluded in risk assessment".


Decision regarding exclusion of the department from risk assessments will be visible in Menu > Overview

Under "To do" is a checklist on departments which has "Risk assessments overdue" and "Products without risk assessment"

Not excluded department from risk assessments:

Excluded departments from risk assessments:

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