Exclude department from risk assessment

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Exclude department from risk assessment

If you have products in a department, for which you will not make a risk assessment in iChemistry, you can choose to exclude that department from risk assessment. That way, those products will not be shown in the Overview as "Products without risk assessment" or with red flags in the risk assessment module. 

Department Info

Settings > Department Info

1. Select a department in the organization tree. Note that if you choose a department with several sub-departments, these will also be excluded. Therefore, enter each sub-department to unselect them.

2. Tick the box "Risk assessment on this department and all sub-departments will be excluded from the overview (Products that have not been risk assessed)" in order to exclude the department and its sub-departments.

3. Click on Save.

Risk assessment

If the department has been excluded from risk assessments, the red flags in the risk assessment module will become grey. A warning pops up saying "Department is excluded for risk assessment".


If you have chosen to exclude a department from risk assessment, the products on that department will not be shown in the Overview > To do for "Products without risk assessment".

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