*Food processing

Applies to: iChemistry

Where to find: Settings > Department info Reports > Product > Food processing /Choose a product > iSafe > Edit 

(Available add on function)

Food processing is a feature where the user can classify departments as food grade departments and products with food-processing categories. This can be anything from lubricants in equipment to coating in packaging. The user specifies the type of contact and area of use. (This module helps companies that aim to achieve ISO 22000 requirements).

  • The department classified as food-classified will be marked with an icon fork and glass in the department tree.
  • A new mandatory task in the risk assessment of food processing must be completed
  • The safety sheet is given a new section with additional information about "Food processing"

1. Department Info

Go to Menu > Master data > Department info

  • Choose the department that should be marked as "Food grade department" to the right in the department three.
  • The department gets a new icon - Fork and glass icon

2. Add products

In the "Food graded department" you can now add products that are classified food processing products and used in that process. (See how to add new products  Inventory )

3. Edit product

Select your product in the food grade department and click "Edit". Under basic product information it is now possible to categorize their product according to NFS standard.

These categories will be visible in iSafe with symbols and the category information.

4. iSafe

The symbols and categories are visible in iSafe:

5. Risk assessment with Food processing safety

Once the department has been classified as a "Food graded department", the risk assessment will take into account the choices made in the department information and a new mandatory task will be visible in the risk assessment.

6. Activity safety sheet

When the risk assessment have been signed the activity safety sheet will show a new section with the category information.


7. Report - Products - Food processing

Go to Menu > Reports > Products > Food processing 


Source: https://info.nsf.org/USDA/categories.html, https://www.iso.org/iso-22000-food-safety-management.html

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