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The history function is found via Tools (1) -> History (2). It provides information about products (3), actions (4), and organization (5). This is useful for many purposes, such as track potential exposures and organizational changes that has been made in the past.


Under products, you have the option to filter by year or interval (6). The list of products shows currently active products and inactive (7).


Actions contains numerous options to review past actions in iChemistry. It is possible to filter by user (8), event (9), and interval (10). The filter options can also be combined to get a result with higher detail. The events to select among is shown in (11).


When you select organisation, you are able to filter by year (12) or interval (13), edited by (14), and actions show in the list (15). In addition to the list, archived departments are also shown in the department tree (15) greyed out (16).

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