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Navigate to:
Tools > Own documents

If you navigate to Tools > Own documents you find the documents that you have added.

To add a document, click on Add

Choose URL if you link to a document, or File if you wish to upload for example a PDF document.

After adding the document, you can choose to connect it to a department and/or a product. 

If you connect it to a department, the document will be visible from Departments button (1). Path will be visible (2), see picture below:

You also find them in the document module, via Tools > Document, in the tab "Selected dep."

If you click on the tab "Departments", you can stand on the top department and see all documents connected to subdepartments, notice the column "Location":

If you connect the document to a product, the document will be visible in iSafe for that product:

And can also be found under Product related in the document module:

To remove a document you can click on the "x" in the right column.

Where do I find other documents?

From January 2024, the document module only shows documents that you have added yourself. Other documents such as additional SDS's in other languages, exposure scenarios and technical datasheets can be found in the following places in iChemistry: 

Additional SDS (additional markets):

  • Visible in link report
  • Visible in iSafe page 1 (or Info page if you don't have iSafe)

Technical Data Sheets:

  • Visible in iSafe page 1 (or Info page if you don't have iSafe)

Exposure scenarios:

  • Visible in ES module, when agreement has add-on function “Exposure scenario” with module/report
  • If there is no ES module, the document is visible in iSafe page 2
  • Visible in iSafe page 1 IF customer has ES module and we have activated that. (DocType set by SLS)

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