Product types

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Navigate to:
Settings > General > Product type

Product types are used to categorize chemical products with similar usage areas and/or shared properties. Typing products also facilitates communication between users, suppliers, and authorities.

Show the product type tree

Enter the product type tree by clicking the button in the side menu (1) to display the product type tree.

Show products in each product type category

Use the product type tree to navigate among the types and show which products you have in each category, and on which departments.


Product types are found on iSafe in the marked box (1). To add and/or remove product types, click edit (2).

Add product type to a product

Click the add button (3), navigate through the product type tree, and select the proper type.

Remove a product type

If you wish to remove a product type from a product, simply click the x-button highlighted in red next to the product type (4).

Managing the product type tree

Navigate to the product type tree settings page by clicking the cog (1) -> General (2) -> Product type (3).

On the settings page, you are able to manage your product tree in several ways. It is possible to add (4), rename (5), move (6), and delete (7) product types.

Add product type

To add a new product type, select the product type you wish to add a subgroup in, and click “Add”. Enter the name of the new product type and click “Yes”.

Tip! Include the parent category name, or parts of it, to get a consistent naming structure. This will help you and future users identifying them easier.

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