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Medical products

In order to easier differentiate medical products, there is a possibility to have this flagged in iChemistry.

Chemical products that are used for medical purpose and to a larger extend in dental and healthcare, could mean a higher risk and therefore needs to be risk assessed individually.

Medical products in iChemistry

  • If a safety data sheet (SDS) specifies that the product is a medical product, then our SDS department will mark this product as medical.
  • The risk assessment will flag the product as medical with a red priority with an M icon, instead of a number.
  • The information will be visible in iSafe under Local information.
  • There will also be a possibility to mark or unmark a product as medical manually.

Edit product

If an SDS does not specify that the product is a medical product, but you know/consider it to be, you can manually mark the product as medical and further work with the product in the risk assessment. To do so, navigate to iSafe for the product and then click on Edit. Tick the checkbox for Medical product and then Save.

Risk assessment

In the risk assessment, the product will be marked as a medical product and will have a red priority symbol with the letter "M" instead of a number.


If the product is marked as an medical product it will be visible in iSafe:

Extended report

Medical products will also be visible in the report "Extended". If the product is marked as a medical product it will have "Yes" and if it's not it will be have "No".

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