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The application process

Do you have a process in place to ensure that new chemicals are reviewed properly, before added to your inventory?

An essential part of your chemical management is having a routine for the introduction of new chemical products. All applications should be reviewed with consideration on whether a new chemical product is absolutely necessary, if there are better alternatives available, and only introduce products that are essential and can be handled safely.

The workflow in iChemistry

Depending on the type of application module you have, you either utilize a standard form, or you have the so called Application Flex, where you have the opportunity to customize the application form exactly to your needs. There are plenty of options to customize the form, e.g. checkboxes, free text, drop down menus, information boxes etc.

Please contact Customer Service at if you need to revise your application or review form.

In iChemistry, users apply for products by filling out the application form, which they find in the upper right corner.

The applicant fills out the form, and then an email is sent to the responsible person for reviewing. Besides the link sent in the email, the reviewer can also access active applications by going to Tools > Applications. 

The reviewer either approves or rejects the application and an email is then sent to the applicant. 

If the product is approved, it will be automatically inventoried in the chosen department.

If you are interested in the Application flex feature, please contact your account manager or Customer Service at 

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