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Serbian customers get offered a country package of Serbian restriction lists as a standard, to facilitate being compliant with national legislation. All lists are shown in the Overview in iChemistry. The lists offered are described below. 

If you have products on any of the list of restricted substances, you'll need to determine if you should substitute the product or in any way adapt your risk assessment. As a first step, you can check the concentration level of the substance that is causing the match. This way you'll get an understanding if the hazardous substance constitutes a significant or minor part of your chemical product. 

To identify the substance, you can visit the product's iSafe and find the substance under Restriction- and prohibition lists, under Reason. Then check the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Section 3 or click on 'Show composition' at the bottom of iSafe to see the concentration of that substance in the chemical product.

If you are unsure about how to proceed, we recommend that you contact either your account manager or our EHS experts by emailing, and they will guide you further. You are also more than welcome to contact our support team at

Lista supstanci koje imaju granicne vrednosti izlozenosti - Exposure limits Serbia

This regulation prescribes the minimum occupational health and safety requirements that the employer must fulfill in ensuring the implementation of preventive measures to eliminate or reduce the risks of injury or damage to the health of employees that arise or may arise from exposure to chemical substances in the workplace or result from any activity involving chemical substances.

The list contains substances which have occupational exposure limits according to official national: "Pravilnik o preventivnim merama za bezbedan i zdrav rad pri izlaganju hemijskim materijama"

SKIZ - Lista supstanci koje izazivaju zabrinutost

This list consists of SVHC (substances of very high concern), which are here defined as substances classified as: carcinogenic categories 1A and 1B, mutagenic categories 1A and 1B, reproductive toxicity categories 1A and 1B, substances identified as persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT) and very persistent , highly bioaccumulative (vPvB) as well as substances considered to be  endocrine  disruptors and it's scientific found to cause significant consequences for human health and the environment.

The restriction list is collected directly from web site of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Republic of Serbia.

Kandidati za SKIZ – Candidate List Serbia

Substances listed here are candidates of being added to SKIZ, please see description above. This list is also collected from web site of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Republic of Serbia.

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