Belgium: Occupational exposure limit values (Restriction list)

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About the list

The list is included as standard for all Belgian systems.

The list is based on Belgian HSE regulation and consists of products that have national Occupational exposure limit values.

Products on the list appears in the Overview under Restriction- and prohibition lists. 

When you create a risk assessment of a product that has an occupational exposure limit value, you will notice that the system gives you an extra warning in the last step. You'll need to confirm that the exposure limit value will not get exceeded in the handling of the chemical and then click Done.

I have products on the list - what should I do?

If you have products on the list, you'll need to determine in your risk assessment of the products, whether the limit value is exceeded or not. As a first step, you can check the concentration level of the substance with the limit value. To identify the substance, you can visit the product's iSafe and find the substance under Restriction- and prohibition lists, under Reason. Then check the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Section 3 or click on 'Show composition' at the bottom of iSafe to see the concentration of that substance in the chemical product.

To assess whether the limit is exceeded, knowledge of how to perform these measurements is required. If you are unsure about how to proceed, we recommend that you contact either your account manager or our EHS experts by emailing, and they will guide you further.



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