EU:s water framework directive (Restriction list)

About the list

This restriction list is based onthe CAS numbers listed in DIRECTIVE 2000/60/EC and its amendments. The directive seeks to protect and improve the quality of water.

I have products on the list - what should I do?

If you see that you have products inventoried in iChemistry that match the list, you can start by examining which substance is causing the matching and in what concentration that substance is in the product.

To do this, go to the product's iSafe> Restriction and Prohibition Lists and see the substance name under Reason. Then click on Show composition (or section 3 in the SDS) to see the concentration level for that substance. This way you see if the substance that causes the matching is present in high concentrations in your chemical product or not.

It might be necessary to consider substitution of the product. Make sure the risk assessment has special emphasis on preventing spills and leakage to sewer and surroundings.


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