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What are restriction and prohibition lists in iChemistry?

If you handle hazardous chemical products in your business, you need to stay compliant with several different regulations. Some substances are restricted or prohibited to use. But how will you know if the chemical products you are using includes these hazardous chemicals and are thref covered by these regulations?

Well, all your chemical products have safety data sheets, and in them, there is information about classification in section 2 and a substance table in section 3. iChemistry can look for this information and flag products that are subject to certain regulations. This information can guide you with knowing which chemical products you should put some attention to, and there is guidance in many places in iChemistry, for example in the Overview in the field Restriction and prohibition lists.

Intersolia continuously monitors changes in legislation and ensures that we have the latest version of the regulations at least four times a year.

Working with the lists in iChemistry

The service for restriction and prohibiton lists in iChemistry is completely automated. This means there are some cases where you need to make a complementary assessment if a product should remain on a list or not. For example, the restriction/prohibiton for a substance might depend on how you use the product, or in what quantities.

In those cases, iChemistry will flag the product on the list regardless of usage and concentration levels. If you determine that the product doesn't belong on the list for your business, you may choose to exclude a product from a list

The correctness of the lists are depending on correct data from your suppliers of the SDS's. If you encounter a situation where this mandatory information is missing, we recommend you contacting your supplier and request them to update their SDS to accurately include e.g. CAS/EC number if that is what is missing. You can also manually include a product on the list through the "Edit product" option in iSafe.

List of lists

Here is a link to all articles describing our restriction lists:

Description of all restriction- and prohibition lists in iChemistry

We offer the following lists in iChemistry. 

Please note that some of them are included in your agreement, and some of them are add-on lists. 


Name of listRegional scope
CMR product
Article 95 Biocidal Products regulation EUEU
Endocrine disruptorsEU
EU water framework directiveEU
POP's (Persistent organic pollutants) EU
REACH Annex XIV Authorisation listEU
REACH Annex XVII Restriction listEU
REACH Annex XVII Restriction list - Only for professional useEU
REACH Candidate list of SVHCEU
REACH Training requirements for diisocyanatesEU
Drug Precursor listEU/Business specific
Explosives precursor listEU/Business specific
RoHSEU/Business specific
GADSL: DeclarableBusiness specific
GADSL: ProhibitedBusiness specific
Volvo Black & Grey listBusiness specific
Austrian ChemverbotsVAustria
Grenzwertliste Austria / Austrian Occupational Exposure LimitsAustria
Occupational exposure limit values in BelgiumBelgium
Chemikalien VerbotsverordnungGermany
WGK: 1 (schwach wassergefährdend)Germany
WGK: 2 (deutlich wassergefährdend)Germany
WGK: 3 (stark wassergefährdend)Germany
WGK: AWG (allgemein wassergefährdend)Germany
WGK: NWG (nicht wassergefährdend)Germany
TRGS 900Germany
TRGS 905Germany
TRGS 907Germany
Potentielle ExplosionsgefahrGermany
Giftige stofferDenmark
Grænseværdier for stoffer og materialerDenmark
Kemiske påvirkninger for gravide og ammendeDenmark
Kræftfremkaldende stofferDenmark
Uønskede stofferDenmark
Uddannelseskrav til arbejde med epoxy og isocyanaterDenmark
Valeurs limites d'exposition professionnelle aux agents chimiques en FranceFrance
Valori limite di esposizione professionaleItaly
Totale lijst van ZZSNetherlands
Lijst van Potentieel ZZSNetherlands
Biocidaktive stoffer godkjent i enkelte produkttypNorway
Biocidaktive stoffer under vurderingNorway
Varsling ved eksport av visse farlige kjemikalierNorway
Normverdier for forureina grunnNorway
Den norske prioritetslistaNorway
Occupasional exposure limit values PolandPoland
Exposure limits SerbiaSerbia
SKIZ SerbiaSerbia
Candidate List SerbiaSerbia
AFS 2018:1 - Hygieniska GränsvärdenSweden
AFS Grupp ASweden
AFS Grupp BSweden
Gravida och ammandeSweden
KEMI:s PRIO RiskminskningSweden
KEMI:s PRIO UtfasningSweden
PRIO Utfasning utan komplexa kolväten, butan och isobutanSweden
SLL-Health Care & Laboratory Prohibited & Phase outSweden
SLL-VVS & MD Prohibited & Phase outSweden
AFS 2011:19 Training requirements e §Sweden
AFS 2011:19 Medical check-ups f §Sweden
AFS 2011:19 Aptitude report g §Sweden
AFS 2011:19 Training Requirements & Aptitude report  e + g § (Cyanoacrylates)Sweden
EH40/2005 Workplace Exposure limitsUnited Kingdom
UK REACH List of restrictionsUnited Kingdom
UK REACH Authorisation ListUnited Kingdom
UK REACH Candidate listUnited Kingdom
California Prop 65USA
TSCA InventoryUSA

Those were the restriction lists we have currently to offer in iChemistry. But remember, there is always the possibility to create customer specific restriction lists if you have specific criteria you would like to keep track of!

While efforts have been made to ensure accuracy, this translation may not be entirely error-free. Please consider this when interpreting the information.

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