PFAS (Restriction list)

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PFAS stands for Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances and are sometimes also called highly fluorinated substances. These can be harmful to humans and the environment and break down very slowly in nature (persistent) - they are sometimes called "forever chemicals".

PFAS has many uses, it is used in fire foam, rainwear, nonstick coatings for frying pans, food packaging, cosmetic products, surface treatments for textiles, paints, etc.

ECHA has published a legislative proposal banning thousands of PFAS substances, and with this restriction list you have the opportunity to keep track of which of your products contain PFAS, so that you can start phasing them out in good time where it is possible.

Read the proposal on ECHA's website:

When collecting the ~11000 substances (criteria = CAS and EC numbers) we check sources that align with the OECD and ECHA definition of PFAS, so we cover e.g. the OECD list.

The list is based on CAS and EC numbers, which are matched against the substances in the chemical products' SDS section 3. The list is indicative, i.e., it does not take concentration levels into account.

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