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Good to know about SDS and UFI codes

According to ECHA's guidelines (REACH Annex 2 CLP regulation) the SDS do not need to include an UFI code, BUT

  • For unpackaged mixtures, the UFI code must be specified in SDB, section 1.1
  • For mixtures for industrial use, the UFI code can be specified in SDB, section 1.1 instead of in the label
  • Avoid more UFI codes in the same SDB, as well as UFI codes that are not registered in the country in question.

If there is a UFI code available in the safety data sheet it will be digitalized and visible in iChemistry. Please note that there is a transition period before all safety data sheets that needs UFI code has to have the UFI code.


Edit product

If there is no UFI code in the SDS, you have the option of entering it to your product in "Edit product" page yourself.

In order for a user to be able to add a UFI code, they must have the permission to edit in products.

UFI code in labels

From 2025 it will be mandatory to view UFI codes on all labels for products that are classified for health and physical hazards. If there is a UFI number on the product, iChemistry will show this on the product label.

UFI code in the safety sheet

If there is a UFI number connected to the product in iChemistry it will be visible on the Safety Sheet and the activity safety sheet.

UFI code in the WPI

UFI codes will also be visible in the WPI.

UFI report


To get a better overview on products with UFI codes, check the UFI report in Reports > Products > UFI

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