What is a Safety sheet?

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Q: What is a safety sheet? 

A: A safety sheet has safety information summarized from either the SDS (safety data sheet) or a risk assessment. The safety sheet can be printed out and kept nearby where the product is used to prevent and help during emergencies. 

There are two types of safety sheets in iChemistry: 

1. General safety sheet

2. Activity based safety sheet
See below for description of the two types.


1. General safety sheet

The general safety sheet is automatically created, based on information from the SDS. Go to the products iSafe > Safety sheet. If there is no risk assessment made for the product, it will show the general safety sheet by default.

1. Search for your product

2. Click on the product


3. Click on Safety Sheet

4. If the product has a risk assessment connected to it, the system will ask you if you want to view the general safety sheet or the activity based safety sheet. Tick the first checkbox to view general safety sheet:

Sections that are included in the safety sheet are based on which sections you subscribe to, and how your safety sheet template is setup. If you would like to add sections or change sections, please contact the support (support@intersolia.com).


2. Activity based safety sheet

If a risk assessment has been created and then signed in iChemistry, an activity based safety sheet will be available with information from the risk assessment. These includes valuable handling instructions for the user.


The safety sheet for the activity is visible in the department where the risk assessment has been made. You can also search in the general search field above the menu. 

1. Search for the activity

2. Click on the activity

3. Click on Safety sheet

4. OR search for the product that has been risk assessed. 

5. Go to iSafe > Click on the department where you want to view the safety sheet from:

6. Click on Safety sheet and then choose to view the activity based safety sheet:


If you have chosen in the risk assessment to show the information from the SDS and the product contains hazard pictograms, these will be shown in the top of the activity based safety sheet. If you have chosen other hazard pictograms, these will be shown under local information.

Edit safety sheet

This is an add-on feature for advanced users.

If the safety sheet has been edited in the Safety Sheet editor in the risk assessment it will show a "Revision No." and "Published date". 


After the last step in the risk assessment is done, the button for Edit the safety sheet will appear.

Here you can edit information from all sections except the handling instruction, which is done directly in the risk assessment.

Click on Safety Sheet Editor to begin editing.

Click on "Collapse all" if you want to get an overview of the sections that you can work with.

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