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Applies to iChemistry and iDistributor

Q. Where is data stored? 

A. Data is stored in datacenters in Microsoft Azure western Europe region. A disaster recovery site is available in western central Europe. 

Q. In which countries are data stored?

A. In Ireland, Netherlands and Germany.

Q. Do you have Single Sign on available? 

A. Yes, it is as an option. We support SSO with SAML 2.0 or Microsoft Azure AD.  

Q. Is MFA available? 

A. No, not as a standalone functionality within the application, but via SSO and your own solution. 

Q. How is the data at rest encrypted?

A. The data at rest is encrypted with AES 256 bits. 

Q. How is the data in transit encrypted?

A. The data in transit is encrypted with 256 bits SSL. 

Q. How is the data stored?

A. All data is stored in their own database. 

Q. How do you do backup

A. Backup is done daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. One copy is always kept off-line. 

Q. Do you have a disaster recovery site?

A.Yes, we have, it is located in Microsoft Azure western Europe.

A.   In case of incident in primary location data will be recovered in our secondary location.

Q. What is your RTO (recovery time objective?

A. Recovery from a disaster can take up to 48 hours until the service is restored to normal state.

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