What is the difference between own (local) products and Intersolia products?

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Q: How can you distinguish between own (local) products and Intersolia products? 

A: Below is a description of the two variants separately.

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Intersolia product

Intersolia products are products that are available in our global database of products. All Intersolia products have a unique i-number, so the simple way of telling if it is an Intersolia product is to look if it has an i-number. The SDS's of Intersolia products will be kept updated by Intersolia (called update service).

Even if you would have manually edited the product name, you can see the i-number in iSafe under Original prod. no:

Own (local) product

Own (local) products are created by you and the information you add for it, rather than the information from an SDS as it is for Intersolia products. Own products are not kept updated by Intersolia. The product is local and is only visible in your company's system.

Creating own products have several areas of use, for example if you need to make a risk assessment for a risk source that is not by definition a chemical product, e.g. dust or fumes. It can also be used for products which are not classified as hazardous and therefore does not require an SDS by law, or if you for some reason do not wish to have our SDS update service for certain products.

In the products iSafe under "Name and designation" the own (local) product is marked with "Local product".

In the inventory the own (local) product will have the green icon with a blue line:

You can find more information about creating own products here: Own products

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