How to create a direct login

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Navigate to:
Settings button > Users and permissions

A direct login can be useful if you want to have a quick way into your system, and is an alternative if you don't want all of your employees to have a personal account to iChemistry. If you connect your direct link to a user with the authorization group "User", the view becomes read-only, which is recommended.

Below you find instructions in 7 steps for how to create a direct login:

1. Create a user in "Users and permissions". Write your e-mail address. Choose which permission group that should be connected to the user. For this type of direct login you usually choose group "User", which mean they will only have reading rights in the system.


2. Choose department under "Organisational permissions". It's from the department you choose and departments below user will see information about. 

3. Login with the user, you will get information by email. Change to a new password (password must end with a number or a letter otherwise it will not work)

4. Log out from the user you've created and login to your personal administrator user.

5. Go to "Users and permissions" and find the new created user. Tick the box for "Autologon". If you tick this box it won't be possible to change password for this user in the future. This is important because if one of many users asks to change the password it will change for all users and the link will not work anymore.

6. Next step is to take your iChemistry link and build a new link for the direct login. 

7. Add username and password in the end of the link where the "XXXX" is. Observe that it's not possible to have any space between the words, then it will not work.


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