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Q. Who is responsible for maintaining a data processing agreement?

A: It is a shared responsibility among the companies involved.

Q. What type of personal data is in our systems?

A: The following applies to iChemistry and iDistributor:

Mandatory information

  - Username

  - First and last name

  - Email address

Optional information

  - Employee ID

  - Title

  - Phone number

Q. Where is the data stored?

A: Within the EU.

Q. There is personal data in our risk assessments. Is it okay to save it according to GDPR?

A: Regarding risk assessments, other regulations apply, and saving personal data is OK. 

Q. Who is responsible for the removal of personal data when an employee terminates employment?

A: Data Controller.

Q. We save personal data in History and in the risk assessment functions. Is it okay to save it here?

A: We use personal data deemed necessary for the system. 

Q. What measures have we taken to ensure the transfer of personal data?

A: This is done through SCC agreements, i.e., Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC)

Q. When is the transfer outside the EU/EEA allowed?

A: Under certain conditions, it is allowed to transfer personal data outside the EU/EEA-

 There is a decision from the EU Commission that a specific country outside the EU/EEA ensures an adequate level of protection.

- Appropriate safeguards have been taken, such as Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) or Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC).

- Special situations and individual cases.

Q. Do I have the right to be forgotten and remove my personal information?

A: Yes, please contact

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