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About the list

Substances on REACH Candidate List can be included in Annex XIV, which means the substance becomes subject to authorization. It is ECHA that proposes which substances should be included, and the EU Commission makes the decision. Note that the substance remains on the Candidate List when it is listed on the Authorization List.

Once the sunset date has passed (see below), the substance cannot be sold or used in chemical products without authorization. However, there are a few exceptions that can be utilized if the substance cannot be phased out:

- Low concentration of the substance in the product

- Scientific research and development under controlled conditions < 1 ton/year

- Exempted uses as specified in the annex

I have product on the list - what should I do?

Check at least one time per year for chemical products containing substances listed in Annex XIV. Investigate if you can phase out the products containing these substances, or work together with your suppliers. Determine if you can utilize exceptions or use the supplier's authorization for substances you cannot phase out. Documentation of exception utilization or use of the supplier's authorization can be done in the comment field of the restriction list, added as a document in the Own documents module, or documented in the risk assessment. There is also the possibility to apply for authorization from ECHA.

Sunset date

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iSafe > Restriction and prohibition lists (only relevant for list REACH Annex XIV)

All substances listed in Annex XIV comes with a so called sunset date. 

It is important to keep track of the sunset dates for substances listed in Annex XIV because both sales and use require authorization. If you do not have authorization, cannot use the supplier's authorization, or cannot utilize exceptions, you may not use the substance after the sunset date.

iSafe - see sunset date

Navigate to:
iSafe > Restriction and prohibition lists (only relevant for list REACH Annex XIV)

You can locate the Sunset date in iSafe for products on the restriction list REACH Annex XIV:

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