What is an "activity" in iChemistry?

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Q: What is an activity in iChemistry?

A: An activity in iChemistry is a summary of information from the risk assessment. It is called activity because the risk assessment must be done on the basis of the activity that takes place when the chemical product you risk assess is used.

You can find your activity by searching on the name of the risk assessment or choose your department. The activity / risk assessment name will be listed.



When clicking on an activity, you get to the Info page, which shows a summary of the risk assessment and also the risks that was calculated. You can see the pictograms, classification, hazard statements, precautionary statements and the products that is included in the risk assessment.

Safety sheet 

Under Safety sheet you can see the latest signed version of information that was created in your risk assessment. The safety sheet can be printed and stored close to the place where the product is used and the activity is performed.

Risk assessment

Here you can get even more detailed information on the risk assessment that was created. You have the basic information, handling instruction for users, calculation of health; safety; environment, handling and exposure information, etc.


If you choose to click on Change you will be transferred directly to the risk assessment. Now you are able to edit and add changes to the latest signed or latest edited risk assessment.

Work permit

The work permit is the safety sheet but in the bottom of the page you have the possibility to print the safety sheet and sign the sheet.

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