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Navigate to:
Tools > Own products
Tools > Inventory > Create

There can be various reasons for creating your own product, for example: 

- to create a risk source for risk assessment such as a certain type of dust or smoke

- to inventory a product that do not require a safety data sheet by law

- for products where you do not want our update service

Important to remember is that these self-created products are not kept updated by Intersolia, but you can attach documents to these products yourself, such as safety data sheets, but also other documents.

Via Tools > Own products you will find products that you have created yourself in iChemistry. From there you can also create new products of your own.

Click on New to create new own product and fill out the popup form.

An alternative way to get to this popup form is to go via Inventory > Add > Create


When you are done with the form, you can inventory your own product to the department you wish. You do this by standing in the relevant department, go to Tools > Inventory > Add > Search for your own product with product name or product number. Then inventory the product as usual.

Create risk sources for risk assessment only

The checkbox "Product/substance/source is only intended for risk assessment and can't be inventoried.": Click in this box if what you are creating is a risk source that should not be inventoried as a product. Then it can only be retrieved in the risk assessment module.

Remove own products

To remove self-created products, go to Tools > Own products and select the product you wish to remove. You can only mark products that are not used in any department, see below.

What the checkboxes mean:

1. The product is not inventoried in any department and can be removed from "Active own products".

2. The product can't be deleted because it is inventoried in at least one department. You can find an overview of all departments in which the product is inventoried in the products iSafe. The product can't be deleted until it is removed from all departments.

Own product on restriction- and prohibition lists

If you want the own products to show on a restriction- or prohibition list, you can to go to iSafe for the own products, then click Edit and then add the list manually.

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