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Navigate to:
Settings > Permissions > User

From November 4th, we welcome the following three changes in the User list: 




1. Column search / Filter

You will be able to use search criteria in all columns to filter out certain users/properties, which can be very useful if you have a system with many users.

Example scenario with column search: You want to sort only on permission groups containing "Admin"

Example scenario with Advanced search: You wnt to find all admins that was last logged in during 2023:




2. Last login

With the new column “Last login” you will see which users are actively using iChemistry.

We recommend you to look at this occasionally, to remove non active users.

Click on the column heading to sort on oldest/newest date:




3. Permissions and organization belonging

We add three columns which show where every user have reading right, writing rights and organizational belonging.

These settings are decided when creating/editing the user, under Organisational permissions, see picture below. To edit a user, just click on the user name in the user list.

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