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Navigate to:
Settings button > Permissions >Users > Create user 

Users that have a role as Administrators (permission group) in iChemistry, can create and handle users. The responsibility of creating, managing and deleting users is always on you, Intersolia will never make changes in your user list.

General account information

When creating a new user, all fields marked with (*) are mandatory fields and must be filled in.

  • User name - The format of the username should preferably be firstname.lastname

  • E-mail - Add email address of the user. Password will be sent to this address.

  • Authorization group - Determines which permission user will get in the system. Authorization group "User" will only get reading rights. Authorization group "Administrator" will get writing rights. It is possible to create customized permissions via Settings > Permissions.

  • Temporary password - Is the password that will be sent to the user after you have created the account.

  • Default system language - The language that the user will have as system language.

  • Default document language - The language that the user will have as document language (usually the same as system language)

Organisational permissions

Reading rights: Allow the user to read information from the department of your choice. This is useful when an Administrator should only have editing/writing rights in a specific department, but still be able to read information on other departments.

Writing rights: Allow the user to edit information from the department of choice.

Note! User need to belong to an authorization group that has edit rights. If you have chosen Authorization group: User, it won't matter what you choose under Writing rights, the 'User' will only have reading rights in the whole system.

User belongs to organizational unit: Decides where in the organization tree the user is based on.

Employee No/ID - will be visible in the user list. Optional.

Name (first name and surname)*- A mandatory field with users first- and last name. 

Autologon- Should only be filled in if you have a direct link (must be created separately). Can be filled in if you don't want user to be able to reset their password.

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