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You can create custom permission groups in iChemistry and tailor them to your unique needs, but to make things more convenient for you, we offer suggestions for so-called standard groups that you can choose from. You are not able to adjust the permissions on these groups; everything is preset to make it easy for you to quickly select a group.

We have made improvement to these standard groups, providing you with more options and making the choices clearer.

Our standard groups:

1 System admin

Old name: Administrator


Short description:

Full access to all features in iChemistry. 


For whom?

This permission group has access to everything in iChemistry and is ultimately for the person(s) that is responsible for creating and handling users and permissions. This helps you align with your internal IT policy that often only allows specific individuals to have the ability to grant access to your IT systems, such as iChemistry. 


2 Global admin

Short description: 

Full access to all features in iChemistry, except creating and handling users and permissions. 


For whom?

This permission group is intended for those who are ultimately responsible for the chemical management. Depending on how you are organized, this user can belong to the top department but also country/site level. They have access to all features except for creating and managing users and permissions, including configuration settings that affect the entire system. Global admins can sign assessments.


3 Site admin

Short description: 

Manage the chemical administration locally at their facility/area.

For whom?

This group is for the local EHS administrators, that should be doing EHS tasks but are not ultimately responsible for occupational safety. They can adapt inventory when buying/stop using chemical products. They can create, edit and archive risk assessments, but not sign them. They can’t handle users and permissions and they can’t edit the organizational tree such as create departments. 

Best practice is to assign these users to the subdepartment in which they belong (often not the top department).


4 Read-only user

Old name: User

Short description: 

Reading rights to all functions in iChemistry, but no permission to change anything in the system.

For whom?

For users who utilize chemical products and require information about them but are not otherwise involved in iChemistry. They need to access information about the chemical products, including Safety Data Sheets and handling instructions. They can search for products, see product reports etc.


Click on this link to see a comparison on the permissions (preview below).


5 Distribution administrator

Only applicable for iDistributor system, not relevant for iChemistry systems.


(6) Restricted

This group is being removed as a standard group. But don’t worry; if you have users that have been assigned this user group, we have created a local permission group in your system, with the exact corresponding permissions as the old standard permission group, and assigned those users to the local group instead.

The only difference between the old group Restricted and Read-only user, is that Restricted do not have reading rights to risk assessments.

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