Manage departments in the organization tree

Via Settings > Organization you can create and edit your organization tree. 

Add a department

The department that will be created will be placed under the department that is currently in bold. Click Add and enter the department name. Click OK to add the department. 

Edit a department

Select a department you would like to change, make sure it is in bold, click Edit. Change to new name, click OK.

Move a department

Select the department you want to move, make sure it is on bold. Click Move and choose a department; the department your choose will be the higher level department to the department you are moving. Click OK. 

Remove a department

Select the department you would like to remove, make sure it is in bold, click Remove. You then get a question: Do you really want to remove the selected department? Select Yes to complete removal. Be aware that you will not be able to fetch archived risk assessments etc. if the department is entirely removed. Make sure to move the content before removal, if you need to have the history of the department still in your system.

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