*How to use Nice Label in iChemistry

Applies to: iChemistry

Where to find: Labels

iChemistry has a function to export label data to a third party application NiceLabel.

We provide the necessary data as exported label.job which includes set of variables used for printing with selected template.

In order to use NiceLabel export function you will need:

NiceLabel Designer Pro https://www.nicelabel.com/design-and-print/pricing-and-comparison

Nice Label Automation)

NiceLabel drivers for your Label printer.

NiceLabel template (iChemistryExampleNew.nlbl)

NiceLabel Automation solution

Graphics for the label printing (such as Hazard symbols)

You can find an example of label template, graphics and automation solution from this article below.

Intersolia cannot provide user support for NiceLabel 2017 or Automation.

If you need help creating new label template for printing, we advise you to contact your NiceLabel vendor.

Configuration and getting set up

1. NiceLabel 2017/2019

You will need NiceLabel Designer installed on your PC to edit or create your own label template for iChemistry.

NiceLabel Automation Service must be running on your PC or server used for Label printing.

You must also have a NiceLabel compatible label printer and NiceLabel drivers installed on your computer before printing.

2. Extract NiceLabel.zip

Extract attached NiceLabel.zip file to your NiceLabel folder in Documents folder (Default location of NiceLabel labels, graphics and solutions; location can be different depending on your computer setup)

3. Customize the label template

Open iChemistryExampleNew.nlbl from Labels folder in NiceLabel Designer and verify settings such as Document properties, Printer settings and Label dimensions.

4. Customize Automation solution

Example Solution can be found from Solutions folder (extracted from NiceLabel.zip in step 2)

This example is listening to a specific file in a folder Documents\NiceLabel.

As soon as label.job is changed Automation will try to print the label using selected printer.

Open iCNiceLabel.misx in NiceLabel Automation Builder and edit File Trigger and its' actions

Select Label printer Action 1.1 Set Printer and select your Label printer.

Once Trigger is properly set you can preview output of the label. You must have saved all changes before running Preview.

If the preview is showing no errors, deploy the solution to Automation Manager and make sure Automation service is running.

It is recommended to build your own solution and triggers to match your computer environment.

If you make a small change in label.job file, a label should be printed using the defined printer.

Troubleshooting NiceLabel prints

Unfortunately we do not provide customer support for NiceLabel which is a third party application.

If you run into problems creating NiceLabel template or Automation, we advise you to contact your Label Printer or NiceLabel vendor.

Print labels using iChemistry

1. Open a product from iChemistry and press button Label

Open any product from iChemistry to print a label for it.

2. Edit values for the label

Before exporting the label to NiceLabel, it is recommended to check and verify the exported values which will be shown on the label.

Space can be limited depending on label dimensions

3. Select template for NiceLabel

Press Magnifying glass to select which template shall be used to print the label.

You can also enter how many labels that should be printed.

When you have selected the template, click on Create to download a label.job file.

Save the label.job file in the folder that Automation solution is listening to.

4. Print is done

If Automation is properly set and running, .job file should have printed the label using selected .nlbl template.



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