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SDS Comparison

With this function you can, in detail, compare changes in the safety data sheet in section 2 and 3. This will make it easier for iChemistry users to compare SDS and will clarify the changes between previous and current SDS.

Active and checked products

Here you see products whose SDS has been updated or changed (red flag). 

Click on a product to view the changes in the SDS's. Write a comment and choose to tick either checkbox "Checked" if you want it to apply for just the chosen department, or "Checked for all departments" if you want it to apply for all department in the organization tree where you have writing access.

When you have checked and saved, the product will move from "Active" to "Checked".

You can add a comment without having to mark the product as checked. The product will remain under "Active" but will get a yellow flag. Add your comment and click on "Save" in the top menu.

Compare current SDS with the old SDS

A comparison is made between sections 2 and 3 of the SDS's. This means that you can see if e.g. the classification or content of various substances has changed. 

(1) Both versions of SDS's are easily accessible via the link in the upper right corner.

(2) Black "regular" text means that there are no changes in those parts.

(3) Text marked in red are changed. 

Pro tip! If you want to view all available previous SDS's for a product, that we have registered historically in iChemistry, navigate to iSafe > View product history.

Current composition

(1) Black "regular" text means that there are no changes.

(2) The recently added substances are marked in blue.

(3) If substance remains, but there is a change in concentration or substance classification, it will be marked in red.

Reconsider risk assessments?

If the product have a signed risk assessment it will be visible in a list below the comparison.

Here you can check if the risk needs to be reconsidered due to changes, also the date of signature of the risk assessment is visible so you can check if the old SDS is older than the risk assessment.

If the box for risk to be reconsider is checked and then saved it will be visible in the risk assessment list with red eye over the green check.

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