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Applies to: iChemistry

Where to find: Menu > Tools > SDS-Comparison

SDS Comparison

With this function you can, in detail, compare changes in the safety data sheet in section 2 and 3. This will make it easier for iChemistry users to compare SDS and will give you a larger clarity on the changes that has been made on a SDS.

  • Function for a detailed comparison of safety data sheets that has changes in section 2 and 3.
  • Clear overview of safety data sheets which has been changed or updated, but also SDS which will require handling and verification.
  • The differences between the changed information in the SDS, will be clearly visible with the changes highlighted red.
  • Possibility to add comments to the SDS, control function by the SDS marked verified and commented.
  • Handled SDS will remain under the menu button "Checked" to avoid duplicate work.


Here you will have a clear overview on safety data sheets that has been changed or updated, but also which needs to be handled and verified.

Organization tree is to the right and you can go through by each departments to check the products.

Click on the product to open and to start the comparison.

  • The differences between the sheets updated information will be clearly visible by the changes being highlighted in red. 


Here you will see information regarding the product. If you have an own product number and own product name, this information will be visible here.

Comments can also be added and if the product has been controlled, you can click on the button "Checked" and the product will move from the list "Active" to the list "Checked".

You can add a comment without having to mark the product as checked, the product will stay in the list under "Active" but will be yellow flagged. Add your comment and click on "Save" in the top menu.

To be able to mark the product as checked the user must have the correct permissions. See User and Permission to set the correct permission to the user.

The user also need to have the top department in their permissions to be able to mark "Checked for all departments", if user do not have that it will not be visible.

When the product is checked it will end up under the list for "Checked". 

This is also supported by customers that have several links to their system, by country or production site. "Checked for all departments " always referrs to the link you are logged into. That means if you only have access to parts of a system, you can only apply "Checked for all departments" for the departments visable in that link. 

Current SDS/Old SDS

A comparison is made between sections 2 and 3. If there aren't any changes, the text will not be highlighted and red.

Under "Current SDS" you can see the latest version of product information and under "Old SDS" you will see the old SDS that was available. Click on the note icon to see the SDS.

When the function is activated, it also retrieves historical data from previous SDS. If there has been a change in a newly retrieved SDS, it will be flagged up in the module.

If there is no previous SDS , it will not be included in the list. You can control if there are other versions of the product SDS on iSafe page 2.

Current composition

The recently added substances are marked in blue.

No changes are not marked with any color (black).

If there has been a change in a substance it will be marked in red text.

Risk assessments

If the product have a signed risk assessment it will be visible in a list below the comparison.

Here you can check if the risk needs to be reconsidered due to changes, also the date of signature of the risk assessment is visible so you can check if the old SDS is older than the risk assessment.

If the box for risk to be reconsider is checked and then saved it will be visible in the risk assessment list with red eye over the green check.

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