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Settings > Permissions > Open Access

Open Access is a function that grants an open online access to your iChemistry safety data sheets, safety sheets and also activity safety sheets.

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How to generate QR-code to Open Access

1. Click on Settings 

2. Choose "Open Access"

3. Click on "Create"

4. Select department by the department icon button. QR Code name will automatically be filled according to the department you choose. Add a description if you want to add some other information, this will be visible in the list.

Click on "Create"

NOTE: If you create an QR code from a department with sub departments Open Access will show the sub departments products as well. 

5. Select what department you want to print by checking the box next to the name. You can select one or several.

6. The menu button "Print" will light up, click on it to generate the QR code to a PDF.

Do the same steps as above 1-5. But click on "Copy URL" instead.

URL links can be used if you do not plan to use your smartphones to view the products, i.e. don't need to have QR-codes.

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