Barcodes / EAN codes in iChemistry and smartphone app

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Navigate to:
iChemistry smartphone application > Products > Click on a product > Edit > Add barcode
iChemistry web application > iSafe > Edit > Add barcode

Barcode / EAN

A barcode, or an EAN number, is useful if people in your organization are using the iChemistry smartphone application. By adding a barcode to your products, you will be able to use that both to find product information faster, but also when adding products to your inventory.

If you have added a barcode to a product, this can be printed on a product label and generic safety sheets. 

Please note that the barcode function is an add on feature in iChemistry. Contact your account manager if you are interested in using barcodes.

Connect barcode (EAN) to products

1. Search for the product for which you want to add a barcode.

2. Click on "Edit"

3. In the field for Barcode, click on Add and then write the number manually. You can add several barcodes if you need.

4. Click on "Save".

Please note that the barcode needs to be unique for every product in order to be readable in the iChemistry app.

Printing the barcode

The bar codes supported by the app is: EAN8, EAN13, CODE39, CODE128 and PDF417

In order for this to work when printing barcodes on labels and safety sheets, you need to have one of the following fonts installed on your desktop:

"3 of 9 Barcode"

"Free 3 of 9"

You can find these fonts at the end of the article or from link below

To print a barcode on a label, go to the product page and click on Labels

Expand Additional fields and choose to Include in label. Click on Create

Scan the barcode with iChemistry app

Provided that the product now has a barcode connected to it, it can now be scanned via the product's packaging, or a printed label or safety sheet. 

Open the iChemistry app and in the upper right corner you have the scan function.

You can also scan barcodes in the Inventory function. 

After scanning is successful, you will be taken to the product information page.

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