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When working with your products in the inventory, you have the option to add the annual consumption and maximum storage. You can use these fields as you wish, but below are our recommendations on how to utilize the fields so that you have a solid basis for reporting when needed to various stakeholders such as authorities.

Annual consumption

Here you specify the estimated amount of the chemical product that will be consumed during the current year in the selected department.

This data is visible in several reports such as Basic and Extended, as well as in iSafe. When reporting to authoritied or others, they can demand to know how much a a certain product or substance you are using annually and it is therefore valuable to add this data in the inventory. In the "Summarize" tab in the reports, the system will help you to sum up the given consumption amounts to show the total usage of a product/substance, so you don't need to calculate that yourself department by department.

Maximum storage

Here you specify the estimated amount of the chemical product that will be stored in the selected department at one and the same time, e.g. "the stored amount will never exceed X kg". It can thus be both less or more than the estimated annual consumption.

It can certainly be useful to know the maximum stored quantity of a certain chemical regardless of its properties, but it is especially important for flammable and explosive chemicals. This is due to the regulations on how much you are allowed to store in the same place to avoid fire accidents. If you are using flammable/explosive chemicals, it is important to keep track of which they are and how much is maximum stored at the same time at the same place. The so-called Fire report can help you with that, and for it to be able to sum up the amount of flammable/explosive chemicals, it's important that you have specified the maximum storage in the inventory.

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