Exclude products from restriction lists

The restriction lists in iChemistry are indicative (static and based mainly on fixed criteria such as CAS / EC numbers or hazard statements) and do not take into account factors such as weight percentage.

Thus, some products will sometimes match against restriction lists where you may make the assessment that it should not be covered by the special requirements linked to the restriction list. You can then choose to exclude that product from the restriction list.

You can exclude the product either by going through the product's iSafe, or by clicking on the restriction list on the Overview.

1. Exclude product from restriction list via iSafe

Click Edit. Go to 'Restriction and prohibition lists' and click Exclude.

Choose which list the product should be excluded from, write a comment and then click Save.

Once you have saved, you can see that the product has been excluded in iSafe, and the product is deducted from the total number of products in the list in the Overview.

If the excluded product receives a new, updated SDS (Safety data sheet), you will be notified about this in the Overview > To do, see "Products with new SDS that have been excluded from a restriction and prohibition lists".

The product will remain excluded, but if you want to include it again, you can go the same way via iSafe > Edit > Exclude and then uncheck the restriction list again.

2. Exclude products from restriction lists via Overview

Overview > Restriction and prohibition lists > Select a list

By clicking on the icon in the column for "Exclude", you can choose to exclude a product directly in the list.

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