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Intersolia ensures that you consistently have access to up-to-date SDS's (Safety Data Sheets) within the iChemistry platform. Here is some information on how the SDS service works in iChemistry.

The standard revision of new SDS is performed every three years. If we receive the information, that the current SDS has been updated with newer releases in the meantime, it will be added to iChemistry.

Intersolie guarantees, that for every SDS you have inventoried in iChemistry, no more than 36 months pass from the date of publication, until we make the next control of updates.

Example: If an SDS has the revision date 09-09-2021, is the next check automatically set for the 09-09-2024.

If an SDS is older than three years, a new revision is performed annually. In other words, the supplier is contracted to once a year, check whether the SDS has been updated.

If the SDS is not updated at the next check, it gets flagged as "old but valid" and the next check will be set to in one year.

If you need a more frequent guaranteed update check for all products, you are welcome to contact your account manager at Intersolia to adjust your agreement regarding our SDS service.

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