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Intersolia ensures that you consistently have access to up-to-date SDS's (Safety Data Sheets) within the iChemistry platform. Read more about our update service here: Article: Update of SDS (SDS service)

In the process of keeping your SDS's updated, we put different statuses on the products. Navigate to the Overview page and have a look at the field called Status SDS update:

  • Waiting for check/retrieval: These are the products currently in the queue for updates. We are actively working on requesting the latest SDS once more from the supplier.

  • Waiting for your additional information: The product(s) has a remark that needs to be handled by you. Please read more about remarks here: Article: Remarks of the SDS update from Intersolia

  • Waiting for answer from publisher: We have made a request to the supplier for the most recent SDS. We will wait for their reply, and if necessary, we will follow up with them via both email and phone on at least three separate occasions before considering adding a remark to the product.

  • New original added, data entry in progress: We have received an updated SDS and the new information is being digitalized but it is not done yet.

  • Completed: The update process has been completed. However, it does not automatically imply that a new SDS is added. If the supplier has responded stating that the current SDS remains the latest and valid one, we also mark this as "Completed."

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