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Would you like to see a product list (report) for a certain department, or maybe for your whole organization? 

Navigate to the Reports button in the menu row.

Some reports are included in all systems, such as Basic report, and some reports are optional/add-on reports.

The most used reports are found under Reports > Products. What they have in common are the columns: trade name, product numbers and a link to the SDS for each product. 

To the right, you have the option to display products from a specific department or choose to include products from the subdepartments as well:

Choose how the report should be displayed:

1. Selected dep.: This option will display existing products from the chosen department in the organization tree.

2. Departments: Selecting this option will show existing products from the chosen department and its subdepartments, sorted by each department. If a product appears in multiple subdepartments, it will be displayed multiple times accordingly.

3. Summarize: This option provides a summarized list of the selected department and its subdepartments. Products that are inventoried in several subdepartments will only be shown in one row in the summarized report.

You can filter your report by selecting the criteria on the left-hand side:

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